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Anime Fighting Simulator X Codes for June 2024

Popular Roblox game Anime Fighting Simulator X has characters based on some of the most well-known animes ever made. Characters from popular television series like One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z have all been sent to a multiverse, which was formed when a cataclysmic event united these disparate universes.

Players can enlist characters from these series to battle alongside them and take on the many challenges that the multiverse is experiencing in an effort to help restore order to this realm. Anime Fighting Simulator X codes can be useful in obtaining the Chikara currency required to summon these anime heroes, known as Champions in AFSX. These tickets include goodies that will help you level up your character in the follow-up to the original Anime Fighting Simulator, such as an abundance of Chikara and stat boosts.

What is Anime Fighting Simulator X?

In the Roblox role-playing game Anime Fighting Simulator X, you can level up and gather a variety of anime characters to battle alongside you. You must upgrade both your main character and your allies in order to defeat bosses and get the finest treasure, which includes accessories and even horses. You will first train your characters’ speed, chakra, strength, durability, and sword on different map areas while taking out Thugs. As you advance, you’ll be able to employ skills from all of your beloved anime shows, including Kamehameha and Onigiri.

Working and new Anime Fighting Stimulator X Codes

  • NEWSCALING – one luck boost, two stat boosts, and 75k candy corns
  • UPDATE6BUGFIXES – two stat boosts and two yen boosts
  • HALLOWEEN2023 – 50K chikara, two stats boosts, two yen boosts, and 5K candy corns
  • DIMENSION – 50k chikara, two yen boosts, two stat boosts
  • sorryforyenboosts – three yen boosts
  • THANKSFOR175K – three adventures tickets, two stat boosts, and one fighting pass ticket
  • FIGHTINGPASSISBACK – two yen boosts, 50k chikara, two stat boosts, and one fighting ticket
  • QuickShutdown – one yen boost and one stat boost
  • 150K150K – two yen boosts and two stat boosts
  • Bandites – 5k chikara
  • OMGUPDATE3OMG – two yen boosts and two stat boosts
  • bugFixwithYenOMG – two stat boosts and two tournament coins boosts
  • 125KLIKESOMG – two stat boosts and two yen boosts
  • UPDATE2OUTNOW – two stat boosts and two yen boosts
  • LETSGO100K – 20k chikara shards, two eri shards, and two stat boosts

Expired Anime Fighting Stimulator X Codes

  • AnotherQuickPatchUpdate
  • sorryForShutdown
  • bruh3shutdowns
  • anotherBugFixes
  • bugsFixes
  • 35KWOW

Ways to redeem Anime Fighting Simulator X

Redeeming your Anime Fighting Simulator X codes is easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Begin playing Anime Fighting Simulator X.
  • Click the top-left button with three dots.
  • Select the bird icon that appears below and to the right.
  • Enter your code in the provided text box and click redeem.
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Remember, each Anime Fighting Simulator X code can only be redeemed once. If you’ve already used a code, attempting to redeem it again won’t have any effect.

How may you obtain additional Fighting Simulator X Codes?

Join the official Block Zone Discord channel to stay up to know on all the latest developments if you’d want to try your hand at finding new Anime Fighting Simulator X codes. To receive news and previews, you can follow the game developers on YouTube (@blockzonegames) and X (@BlockZone_). Nevertheless, as we update our list as soon as new codes become available, the best way to keep current is to bookmark this page and check back sometimes.

How do you obtain additional rewards in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

Claim your Starter Pack in Anime Fighting Simulator X first, as it contains Chikara, Yen, boosters, and other goodies. This will help you gain further free gifts. To receive Daily Rewards and increase your Chikara, log in every day. In addition, you can check Events to see what rewards are available right now and complete Achievements to obtain Chikara and Boosts. Finally, keep in mind that you can occasionally claim 1,500 free Chikara from the Shop, even if it sells items for Robux.

Why aren’t my Anime Fighting Stimulator X codes working?

Typos should be your first concern if one of our Anime Fighting Simulator X codes does not work for you. Our recommendation is to copy and paste codes straight from this page because even a small typo in capitalization or misreading a digit for a letter could render a Roblox code invalid. If the code isn’t functioning even after you’ve entered it precisely as it appears above, it’s probably no longer valid. Although most Roblox codes eventually expire, we might soon discover some new ones and add them here for you.

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