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Pet Simulator x Codes for June 2024

Using our Pet Simulator X codes will give you free coins and diamonds to keep your reserves full. Within the Pet Simulator series, Pet Simulator X is the most recent and widely played game. This edition of the well-known Roblox game has a lot more pets and in-game stuff than the previous one.

In the game, you can collect and hatch eggs to get legendary pets like Dragons and unicorns. You can also travel to different places and explore floating islands. While traveling, you can meet new people to trade pets and exchange eggs with.

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Working and new Pet Stimulator X Codes

  • Open Pet Simulator X
  • Press the pet icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the star
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom
  • Touch the redeem codes section
  • Type or paste in your Pet Simulator X code
  • Enjoy the rewards!

Expired Pet Stimulator X Codes

  • 404roblox
  • tonsofcoins
  • 1Mfollowers
  • happyholidays
  • im2lucky
  • 1mplus300k
  • happysaturday11
  • yaydiamonds2
  • alienpets
  • yaydiamonds
  • its1million
  • bandsundrbidn
  • sorry4thewait
  • pumpkin333
  • VoiceChat
  • triple800
  • easyboosts
  • halfamillion
  • Clouds
  • plaid1234
  • Underworld
  • morecodes3
  • blamedavid
  • Back2Back
  • FreeDiamonds0
  • SuperUltra1
  • Triple275k
  • FirstUpdate
  • Ultra225k
  • DiscordDiamonds
  • MoreCoins180k
  • Firstly, open Pet Simulator X.
  • Tap the pet icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the star icon. Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Tap on the “Redeem Codes” section.
  • Enter or paste your Pet Simulator X code.
  • Claim your rewards and enjoy!

What are Pet Simulator X Codes

Pet Simulator X codes are free rewards given by the developer when the game reaches a new milestone. This could be a new update or reaching a certain number of visits. It’s a great way to get free items. Keep checking our list to make sure you don’t miss any codes.

How can I obtain more codes for Pet Simulator X?

The official Pet Simulator X Twitter account, Discord channel, and YouTube channel are the greatest sources to find additional codes. These offer the best opportunity to identify freebies as soon as they become available, in addition to being a fantastic method to keep current with the game.

We will add new awards as soon as they are announced, so if you can’t be bothered sorting through Discord and Twitter, you can always check back with this list.

Why do my codes for Pet Simulator X not work?

Although there are a few possible causes, the most frequent one is that your Pet Simulator X code has expired. Since there haven’t been any new codes recently, not all of them are functional at the moment.

In Pet Simulator X, what’s new?

The game is currently running the Halloween Event 2023, which repeats the yearly event with a few new features. This event includes new pets, Candy Currency, Giant Pumpkins, a Ghost Hoverboard, Hardcore Quests, Halloween upgrades, and a Halloween-themed makeover.

The creators of Pet Simulator, BIG Games Pets, have also released Pet Simulator 99, their most recent Roblox game. If they so choose, users of the previous game can move their pets over to the new one.

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