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10 Best Games Like Coin Master

Here is a selection of the top games similar to Coin Master that will keep you occupied, so stop searching elsewhere! The selection of games in today’s post will satisfy your need to try something new or just because you can’t get enough of this kind of game while you wait for your Coin Master spins to refill. If you are seeking to try something new or just want to delve into a game that isn’t too demanding in terms of time and strategy, these are the games you should be looking at. They all follow a similar idea and are similarly enjoyable to play.

1. Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings
Image Credit: Blue Stacks

PlatformsiOS & Android

This mobile game, which is completely free to play, has a nostalgic atmosphere for Coin Master’s early years. You spin a slot machine to accomplish tasks or win rewards, just like in Coin Master. Asynchronous PVP is also available, just like in Coin Master. You get to raid another player’s island, looting their buildings and seizing anything of value for yourself if the wheel lands on attack.

Pirate Kings is primarily available on mobile devices and is optimized for gameplay on smartphones and tablets. Currently, there is no specific version of Pirate Kings designed for PC gaming. However, players may be able to use emulation software or other methods to run the mobile version of the game on their PC.

2. Island King

Island King Game
Image Credit: ForeverNine Games

PlatformsiOS & Android

Island King is a well-known desert island version of Coin Master. Players turn a large wooden wheel in place of spinning a fruit machine. The villages are gone, and now there’s an island to improve. Along the way, you can raid other places to find treasure that will help you expand that island. 

We truly enjoy this one; it has just the right amount of charm and fresh graphics to make it appear and feel like a brand-new game. Coin Master enthusiasts should step in If they wish to avoid the tedious grind for villages. Similar to Pirate Kings, Island King can only be played on mobile devices; it is best suited for tablets and smartphones. There isn’t yet a version of Island King made just for PC use. If they would like to play the mobile version of the game on their PC, gamers can explore alternatives like emulation software or other techniques.

3. Coin Kingdom

Coin Kingdom
Image Credit: Tycoon Games


Coin Master is very identical to Coin Kingdom, although Coin Kingdom has a regal theme instead. You can raid your friends’ kingdoms and get in-game currency by spinning reels that determine what you do in this game. Even pets exist in the Coin Kingdom, but they’ve been deftly renamed as “servants” to fit in with the game’s regal theme. 

Coin Kingdom differs (somewhat) from other games in that it offers a greater selection of minigames to play. Apart from that, Coin Kingdom is ideal between Coin Master sessions if you’re a Coin Master fanatic. While Coin Kingdom is mainly available for mobile devices, it doesn’t have a dedicated version for PC gaming. However, some players might explore using emulation software or other methods to play the mobile version on their PC.

4. Spin Voyage: Coin Simulation

PlatformsiOS & Android

Spin Voyage is a Coin Master clone with a pirate-themed twist, similar to Pirate Kings. In this incredibly vibrant casino game, players construct an empire on a tropical island. The main feature of Spin Voyage is reel spinning, just like any other decent Coin Master clone. To move around the islands, you can use resources, steal riches, and assault other players. At its core, Spin Voyage is a very exact clone of Coin Master, however, there are also a few entertaining minigames, such as the Coin Bath. By the way, this captivating coin simulation game is available on both mobile and PC platforms. 

5. Dice Dreams

PlatformsiOS & Android

Dice Dream is centered on the excitement of rolling dice, as opposed to Coin Master, which replicates the thrill of a slot machine. Your objective in this game is to renovate and improve the communities of adorable small animals known as peons. The outcomes of the dice rolls will decide how much money you receive, what resources you can access, and what happens next.

The adorable Peon characters and vibrant presentation make Spin Voyage a delightful game to relax with after a long day. With its strong social aspect, players can connect with friends via Facebook and engage in battles or town raids against each other. While the idea of the dice roll has been the foundation for many amusing games, many of the more compelling ones have basic ideas. Dice Dreams is available for free download from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Even though Dice Dreams is mostly meant to be played on mobile devices, you can still use an Android emulator to play it on your PC.

6. King of Thieves

PlatformsiOS & Android

Compared to Coin Master, Pirate Kings has a far smaller player base. It’s now more difficult to find players who will gift you every day, which makes level progression more difficult than it was in Coin Master. Also, you are significantly more likely to become the target of one of Pirate Kings’ sporadic raids if you have fewer Facebook friends in the group.

Compared to Coin Master, Pirate Kings is a younger game with less content to explore, and because of the smaller but developing community, it may be more difficult to get the answers you need. However, Pirate Kings is worth checking out if you need a respite from the never-ending grind of high-level Coin Master.  

You may play King of Thieves directly in your web browser on both desktop and mobile platforms. This game is available for free download from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

7. Atomicrops


The PC game Atomicrops is arguably the most dissimilar from Coin Master on this list. The struggle for advancement is where they are comparable, though. Players strive for more villages and coins in Coin Master. However, in Atompicrops, they only grind for the plants they protect from intruders.

While there are some potential romantic elements and a slice-of-life feel, the game is primarily quite grindy and will satisfy Coin Master fans’ sweet spot in a unique way. 

This game requires purchase and isn’t free like the majority of the other games on this list. Atomicrops is available on mobile phones. Besides, you may play Atomicrops on your computer by purchasing it on Steam or the Epic Games Store. On Steam, it’s currently available at a 75% discount. If you prefer the Epic Games Store, you can find it there as well. 

8. Piggy GO: Clash of Coin

PlatformsiOS & Android

The name Piggy GO: Clash of Coin is among the most attention-grabbing names available on the Play Store. Although it shares Coin Master’s core idea, it has a few interesting variations that make it worthwhile to investigate.

Piggy GO has a simple Monopoly-like aesthetic and gameplay, but it also has casual PVP a la Coin Master, and a little base building. By rolling the dice and landing on reward tiles, you can win coins. You can then spend those coins to build up your city. Additionally, if you arrive on an Attack tile, you can raid any random player—typically a friend.

Piggy GO is not just another Coin Master clone, as are many other games on this list.

Piggy GO is not just another Coin Master clone, as are many other games on this list. The build-raid-progress grind loop is still highly addicting, and the Monopoly-style gameplay is straightforward and enjoyable but not very deep. You may play Piggy GO: Clash of Coin on both PC and mobile.

9. Cuisine Master – Coin Journey

PlatformsiOS & Android

Cuisine Master – Coin Journey closely resembles Coin Master, almost as if it were a direct clone. It unabashedly adopts many of Coin Master’s features and mechanics. However, it does introduce some innovative elements, such as card collecting, which adds an intriguing layer to the gameplay. For players seeking a fresh beginning and a slightly unique appearance, Cuisine Master – Coin Journey offers a compelling alternative to explore.

GameLoop, a PC emulator for Android, is available for download and installation. Next, use the GameLoop library or search results to look for Cuisine Master – Coin Journey. This will provide you with a bigger screen and a more seamless gaming experience on your Windows computer. 

On the other hand, Cuisine Master – Coin Journey is available for direct download and play on mobile devices via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

10. King Boom Pirate: Coin Game


The Coin Master game and King Boom Pirate: Coin Game are the same. We believe that this title has a much better visual than the others, which is the sole difference between them. The main objectives are to have fun, steal gold, and fly like pirates. Floating islands, which players can grind across in place of traditional villages, is a nice angle taken by this game. Any fantasy aficionados out there will find it to be a huge benefit. To start your coin journey and become the wealthiest Pirate King, you may download King Boom Pirate: Coin Game straight to your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store.

However, if you prefer to play on your PC, you can download and install GameLoop, an Android emulator. Once GameLoop is installed, you can search for King Boom Pirate: Coin Game within the emulator’s library or search results and enjoy the game on your PC.


Are there any games like Coin Master that don’t need an internet connection?

For gameplay, the great majority of Coin Master-like games depend heavily on an online connection.

Are there any free-to-play games similar to Coin Master?

Yes, you can play a lot of the previously mentioned games for free, including Coin Kingdom, Pirate Kings, and King of Thieves. You can also make in-app purchases.

Are there any games similar to Coin Master that are available on consoles?

Currently, there aren’t any games on Xbox or PlayStation that are comparable to Coin Master.

Is there a Coin Master game for PC?

There isn’t an official PC release for Coin Master at this time. With an Android emulator like BlueStacks, you may play Coin Master on a Mac or Windows computer.

Do you know of any more challenging games like Coin Master?

Games like Rise of Kingdoms and Family Island provide players with a more intricate and strategic gaming experience when compared to Coin Master.

Are there any games like Coin Master that provide multiplayer options?

Yes, players can interact with other players or compete in the majority of Coin Master games like Slotomania and Pirate Kings.

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