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Blade Ball Codes for June 2024

Blade Ball stands as one of the most played Roblox games ever. Battle Royale and dodgeball are combined to create a fast-paced, intense game. A flying ball is thrown at the players, and they must use a sword to whack it away whenever it locks onto them in this arena. The ball will accelerate and target someone else if they are able to block successfully. However, they detonate if struck.

Blade Ball matches rapidly become intense because of other players’ quick reflexes and the ball’s accelerating speed. It has the rhythm of a wild game of air hockey at times, which is why Blade Ball codes are so helpful. To strengthen your character and prepare them for combat, codes provide exclusive sword skins, spins on the enormous wheel, and free money. We will update this page once new codes are available; codes drop on a frequent basis.

Working codes of Blade Ball

The list of all active Blade Ball codes is as follows:

  • ROBLOXCLASSIC – one ticket (new!)
  • ENERGYSWORDS – free rewards (new!)
  • GOODVSEVILMODE – one VIP ticket
  • GIVEMELUCK – luck boost in rng world
  • FROGS – free spin
  • GOODVSEVIL – free spin
  • RNGEMOTES – free spin
  • FREESPINS – one spin
  • 2BTHANKS – one spin
  • BATTLEROYALE – storm ticket
  • DUNGEONSRELEASE – 50 dungeon runes

Occasionally, a newly released code may require redemption on a private server. If you encounter difficulties redeeming a code, consider joining a private server and attempting to claim it there.

Expired codes

  • ZEROGRAVITY – free rocket ticket (new!)
  • RNGEMOTES – free spin
  • GALAXYSEASON – 150 stars
  • FALLINGLTM – free sky ticket
  • TOURNAMENTSW – rewards
  • LAVAFLOOR – lava ticket
  • LUNARNEWYEAR – 200 lucky coins to spend on lunar new year spins
  • ELEMENTSPIN – free element spin
  • FREEHOURLY – free spins
  • FREESPINS – one spin
  • 1.5BTHANKS
  • WEEK4

How to use codes for Blade Balls?

How can codes be entered in Blade Ball? Press the ‘Extra’ button in the upper left corner of your screen, then choose the ‘Codes’ option to open the codes menu. 

To redeem codes in Blade Ball, you may follow these steps:

  • Start Blade Ball in Roblox.
  • After spawning in-game, locate the ‘Extra’ button situated in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click on the ‘Extra’ button to reveal a drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the ‘Codes’ option.
  • ‘Redeem code’ will appear as the following menu item.
  • After entering a code in the textbox, click the green checkmark that appears next to it.

Your code has been successfully input if the textbox text changes to ‘Successfully claimed!’ One of two things could be the case if you receive an error message that reads “Expired!” instead. You may be on an outdated server and the code needs to be redeemed in a new or private one. You can circumvent this by making a private server, joining it, and using the code once again. With Blade Ball, each Roblox account can have one free private server created.

The code is sadly no longer functional if you attempt to redeem it on a private server and continue to receive an error message. Usually, codes for Roblox games have a time limit. In the case of Blade Ball, the longest a code has been active is about two weeks.

Where are the announcements for new Blade Ball codes made?

The #codes channel on the official Blade Ball Discord page is where codes are primarily announced. The creator of the game, Wiggity, occasionally tweets about new codes, such as the one that was provided when Blade Ball became the fastest Roblox game to ever receive one billion views.

Occasionally, a roundup of all currently active codes is also posted on the official Blade Ball YouTube channel. However, constantly checking social media platforms for new codes can be time-consuming. To streamline the process and allow players to focus more on enjoying Blade Ball and pursuing victories, we diligently search for the latest codes and promptly update this page whenever new codes are released or when previously active codes expire.

What are Blade Ball codes?

Blade Ball codes provide players with a range of time-limited freebies, with free coins being a commonly offered reward.

These coins have diverse applications, such as unlocking sword skin and explosion crates, obtaining new abilities, enhancing existing ones, or accumulating for purchasing a spin on the giant wheel, albeit at a notable expense. Additionally, Blade Ball codes also grant access to unique sword skins that are exclusive to these codes, along with free spins for the giant wheel.

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