Industry StatisticsCoin Master Statistics - 2024

Coin Master Statistics – 2024

Coin Master is a free-to-play mobile game that combines gambling elements with its gameplay, and it was released in 2010 by Moon Active. What number of people use Coin Master? According to Coin Master statistics, there is a tremendous fan base and even higher revenue earnings. The distinctive progression system, which has as its main goal to “spin, attack, raid, and build,” is responsible for this. Players advance through themed villages, each of which represents a game level; there are currently 506 towns in total.

While mainly designed for solo players, some events provide multiplayer options as well. Although the number of spins is hourly, they can be obtained by in-game purchases, certain tasks, or our website’s Coin Master free spins connections.

Monthly Player Count for Coin Master

The live monthly statistics provide a summary of the logged monthly active players of Coin Master. Additionally, we track the peak number of players, indicating the maximum number of Coin Master users playing simultaneously at any given time.

The estimated monthly total of users of Coin Master on mobile devices, including iOS and Android, is shown above. It is not appropriate to use these data as true references as they are merely estimates. The table displays the maximum number of users of the game, the gain or loss of users over a specific period, the percentage change in users, and the maximum peak players recorded on any given day.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain / LossMonthly Gain / Loss %Average Daily Players
November 202325,869,2352,270,65192,931,847
October 202323,598,583-201,04903,067,816
September 202323,799,633-2,546,071-92,760,757
August 202326,345,7032,737,668114,039,674
July 202323,608,036-4,432,042-154,642,914
June 202328,040,0785,023,683215,514,549
May 202323,016,395-1,371,307-53,912,787
April 202324,387,701-4,375,673-154,796,248
March 202328,763,3742,848,965105,656,797
February 202325,914,409-196,19205,096,500
January 202326,110,601-4,326,200-144,177,696
December 202230,436,8014,052,477155,985,904
November 202226,384,324-1,033,837-35,188,917
October 202227,418,161-641,508-24,386,906
September 202228,059,669-667,791-25,518,402
August 202228,727,460799,63325,649,734
July 202227,927,826-2,710,162-85,492,472
June 202230,637,9882,825,091103,982,938
May 202227,812,897-3,767,875-115,469,870
April 202231,580,772965,23636,210,885
March 202230,615,536-1,895,802-56,021,055
February 202232,511,337959,40836,393,896
January 202231,551,929-1,153,544-36,205,213
December 202132,705,474-70,50806,432,076
November 202132,775,982-242,99406,445,943

We have mentioned old data and will update the new very soon. (Source)

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Key statistics of Coin Master

There have been over 194.8 million downloads of Coin Master. (Source)

PlatformDownload Count
Google Playstore100M – 130
Apple Appstore20M – 30M

Downloads data for the top 3 countries (Source)

The U.S.39.5 million20.3 percent
India30.7 million15.8 percent
Brazil20.2 million10.4 percent

Coin Master Download Count

  • In 2019, 81 million downloads of the game had occurred.
  • In 2019, the game was downloaded a total of 81 million times. The majority of these installs, approximately 62.3 million (76.6%), came from Google Play. Meanwhile, iOS accounted for 19 million downloads (23.4%) during the same period.
  • With 15 million downloads during the pandemic’s peak in February 2020, the game saw a spike in popularity.
  •  As of October 2021, there were 30 million active users.
  • The revenue per download has increased to approximately $10.31, compared to $6.20 in 2019.

The game began gaining traction in 2018 and saw its peak performance in 2020. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Coin Master, forcing many to stay indoors and resulting in exponential growth that both attracted new players and maintained existing ones. In a substantial amount of time, people’s willingness to spend even increased.

Coin Master was making almost $2 million every day as of 2023.

PlatformCoin Master Download Link
AndroidGoogle Play Store
iOSApp Store

In-app products range in price from $0.99 to $374.99

While Moon Active has utilized celebrity endorsements, such as Terry Crews and Jennifer Lopez, to promote Coin Master, the game also boasts internal mechanics aimed at enhancing engagement. Notably, Coin Master features a popular card collection mode, which has spurred the creation of numerous social communities online, where players showcase their collections and engage in trading.

Moreover, players can engage in activities such as attacking other players’ villages or raiding their fortunes to bolster their own. The game also hosts various events lasting several days, including tournaments where players can compete against each other. Despite its appearance as a simple slot game, Coin Master offers a multitude of features that enhance player interest and contribute to its addictive nature.

Players have collectively spent over $3.5 billion on Coin Master throughout its existence

Given its remarkable success, there’s widespread interest in various aspects of Coin Master, including revenues, profits, download numbers, and other related information. In July 2023 alone, the app amassed an astounding $59.15 million in global player spending, largely driven by in-app purchases and microtransactions. This milestone elevates the app’s total lifetime player spending to an impressive $3.5 billion.

Female Coin Master gamers more in than men

  • Men account for 31% of the total player base.
  • Among both genders, Coin Master is most popular among individuals in their 40s, with 30% of women and 11% of men in this age group.

A notable observation regarding casual mobile games is their immense popularity among female gamers. They often have simple mechanics, are enjoyable to play, and are fairly easy to learn. Despite the additional features, Coin Master is mostly just a wheel-spinning game.

Then, it makes sense why the most involved players are older females. The fan base leans adult in general, which is consistent with the age rating. The game could not have been aimed at youngsters because it includes real money spending and gambling aspects. Additionally, parents who let their children play the game are encouraged to watch over them. (Source- App Ape)

coin master global player spending

Statistics for Coin Master on mobile

Being a mobile-only game allows Coin Master to track player engagement more precisely and determine where it generates the most impact and player investment. Staying exclusively on mobile devices was a strategic decision that aligns well with the game’s mechanics, such as spins replenishing over time. This approach enhances the overall gaming experience and accessibility for players.

Top Grossing Games on the Google Play Store in the U.S.

  • The game boasts a rating of 4.5, with an impressive 4.7 million 5-star ratings.
  • In October 2021, it garnered 3 million downloads globally.
  • In Brazil, Coin Master holds the top spot in the Top Grossing Games category.
  • In India, Coin Master is positioned at #5 in the Top Grossing Games category.
  • Coin Master has received a total of 6,405,315 reviews on Google Play.

We already know how the game is performing in Germany and the UK, so it will be interesting to watch how it performs in Brazil and India, the two nations that download the most after the US. It should come as no surprise that the game opens wallets everywhere there. When it comes to the platform with the highest number of downloads, Android users again make up the majority.

Top download Games on the Google Play Store
Source: Sensor Tower (As per 2021 data)

Coin master holds 4th position in top grossing games on the Google Play Store in the US (as per March 2024)

Top Grossing Games on the Google Play Store
Source: SimilarWeb

Coin master holds 4th position in top grossing games on the Google Play Store in the US (as per March 2024)

Top Grossing Games on the Google Play Store
Source: Sensor Tower

Despite not ranking as prominently in the Top Free Games category, the consistent downloads of Coin Master indicate its ongoing popularity and appeal among players.

Top Grossing Games on the iOS App Store in the US

  • The game boasts a rating of 4.7, with an impressive 340,000 5-star ratings. Additionally, it holds the fourth position in the Adventure Games category.
  • In October 2021, it garnered 500,000 downloads worldwide.
  • In France, Coin Master is ranked #1 in the Top Grossing Games category on iPhone and #9 on iPad.
  • In Canada, Coin Master holds the #2 spot in the Top Grossing Games category on iPhone and #33 on iPad in the respective categories.

Coin master holds 8th position in top grossing games on the iOS App Store in the US (as per March 2024)

Top Grossing Games on the iOS App Store
Source: SimilarWeb

Coin master holds 7th position in top grossing games on the iOS App Store in the US (as per March 2024)

Top Grossing Games on the iOS App Store-
Source: Sensor Tower

Coin Master is only one example of the consistently noticeable differences between Android and Apple users. The game continues to be in the list of top 10 highest grossing lists, though perhaps not on the iPad, where its user base is less in the US and Canada. Thanks to Sensor Tower, we were also able to determine that France and Canada were the countries with the highest number of downloads on iOS, following the United States. Data from China is unfortunately unavailable, even if the country only uses iOS as a result of Google’s limitations.


When Coin Master first appeared on the scene, it didn’t seem like much, but it soon started a new trend and gave life to a genre that was already there but was not well known in the mobile gaming industry. Coin Master accounted for 93.3% of the income made in the Social Casino category in 2020. And even now, it continues to hold a far higher position than any other game in its category.

Even today, it maintains a significantly higher position than any other game within the same genre. Its remarkable success has led to numerous copycats proliferating, to the extent that one might accidentally download the wrong game from the App Store or Google Play, mistaking it for Coin Master.

By incorporating other players and a number of fascinating features that offer variety to the gameplay, the game has completely reimagined the genre. It takes more than just turning wheels and waiting for forms to line up. The game’s extreme gambling, which has the potential to lead to addiction and compulsive gambling behaviours, is the only drawback. Other than that, everything is fine as long as people are accountable and do not spend more than is necessary.

It’s worth noting that the majority of players are adults who can afford to indulge responsibly.


How many individuals play Coin Master every day?

On average, Coin Master typically has around 2,931,847 daily active players. However, this figure can vary due to in-game events, seasonal promotions, and updates.

How many people are now using Coin Master?

As of a few minutes ago, there were roughly 713,456 users actively playing Coin Master. Depending on the time of day and additional elements like game updates and special events, the number of concurrent players may change.

What is Coin Master’s primary goal?

Building and upgrading a community using coins, mostly obtained from a slot machine function, is the primary goal of Coin Master. To steal cash, players can also raid and attack other players’ settlements, which gives the game a competitive feel.

Coin Master has how many downloads in the Apple App Store?

Over 30 to 40 million downloads and over 780 thousand reviews are predicted for Coin Master from the Apple App Store.

Can I play Coin Master for free?

You may play Coin Master for free with in-app purchases. Although the game is free to download and play, players can upgrade their gaming experience by buying in-game items and currency.

2024: Will Coin Master remain a popular game?

Yes, there is still a sizable player base on Coin Master. With a peak of 2,931,847 daily players, the game has had an average of 713,456 concurrent players during the past 30 days. The game’s vibrant community, frequent updates, and interesting material all contribute to its ongoing success.

Can I use a PC to play Coin Master?

Coin Master is primarily tailored for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Nonetheless, players can utilize Android emulators like BlueStacks to enjoy the game on a PC, despite this not being officially endorsed by the game developers.

Can I use a tablet to play Coin Master?

Sure, Tablets work well with Coin Master. With an even more immersive experience, you can play the game on a larger screen on both iOS and Android tablets. The specifications of your device may affect performance.

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