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How Old are The NewJeans Members

NewJeans is a girl group with five members from different countries. The members of NewJeans are Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. They are managed by ADOR, a part of HYBE Labels. NewJeans debuted on August 1, 2022, with their first album titled NewJeans.

The name NewJeans means the group will start a new trend. Like how jeans are loved by everyone and always in style, NewJeans will become a big hit this time. The name also sounds like “new genes,” meaning they will lead a new generation in pop music.

Meet NewJeans: Ages and Birthdays of Each Member Explained

  • Minji, born on May 7, 2004, is currently 20 years old.
  • Hanni, born on October 6, 2004, is 19 years old.
  • Danielle, born on April 11, 2005, is also 19 years old.
  • Haerin, born on May 15, 2006, is 18 years old.
  • Hyein, born on April 21, 2008, is the youngest at 16 years old.
NewJeans Members Birth dates

More about NewJeans Members

Five of the members of NewJeans were born between 2004 and 2008. When they made their debut in 2022, they were between the ages of 14 and 18. Minji is the eldest member.

Her birthday is May 7, 2004, and she was eighteen when they made their premiere. Hyein is the youngest member. Born on April 21, 2008, she made her debut at the age of 14.

Three Koreans, one Vietnamese-Australian, and one Korean-Aussie make up NewJeans’ membership base in terms of nationalities. Haerin, Minji, and Hyein are Korean. Hanni is an Australian who is Vietnamese-American. Danielle is Australian-Korean.

Every member can communicate in basic English. Minji speaks advanced English, but Danielle and Hanni speak it fluently.

Members have been training for more than two years after being chosen during the Big Hit and Source Entertainment global tryouts in 2019.

Positions of NewJeans Members

Unlike other K-Pop groups, NewJeans doesn’t assign individual responsibilities to its members. This means there is no official leader, main rapper, or main vocalist. Their company, ADOR, chose this approach to show off the girls’ all-around talents and avoid limiting them.

The members’ strengths continue to be recognized by some outlets and fans. Hanni’s powerful singing and captivating stage presence have led many to consider her the main vocalist and dancer. Most people think of Minji as the main rapper because she raps most of the time. The lead vocalist and lead dancer may be Danielle and Haerin because they are both excellent singers and dancers. The youngest member, Hyein, has exceptional vocal and dancing abilities.

Though these informal roles do exist, it’s crucial to keep in mind that NewJeans is meant to be adaptable, and everyone can participate in different ways.

MBTI Personality Types of New Jeans Members

Hyein and Hanni identify as INFPs (Mediators). Though they are reserved and creative, they have a strong sense of passion for what they do. They are empathetic and like helping others.

Minji is an Executive Type ESTJ. She is naturally charismatic, decisive, and well-organized. She likes to lead the group and assume leadership roles.

Danielle is a Campaigner, or ENFP. She interacts with others well and is full of energy and creativity. She infuses the group with enthusiasm and positivity.

As an architect, Haerin is an INTJ. With a clear vision, she is a strategic and analytical thinker. Even though she is self-sufficient, she likes collaborating with others on artistic endeavors.

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