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How To Change Raid in Coin Master? Our Guide

In Coin Master, raiding other players’ villages is a fast way to get coins and loot, which makes it a dependable way to locate chests and valuable prizes. If you are wondering how to change raid in coin master, this is crucial information to know. Targeting the most profitable villages is essential because the quality of the treasure differs from village to village. Moreover, you can increase your rewards by using Coin Master free spin codes.

It can be annoying, though, since Coin Master usually chooses your raid target automatically. Although there isn’t an official method in the game to switch up the raid target, players have come up with a workaround. Although it requires navigating into your device’s settings, this method has been shown to work. We’ll walk you through changing the raid targets in Coin Master in the next steps.

How Can we change raid in Coin Master?

To begin, navigate to your phone’s settings. Locate the “Apps” option and find “Coin Master” within those settings. Please note that the appearance of these settings may vary depending on your device. Once you’ve found Coin Master, select it and then choose the “Storage” or “Data” option. Within this menu, you’ll find the option to clear the cache of the game. You may also consider clearing the app data, but ensure that your game is linked to either Facebook or Google to prevent any loss of progress.

It’s also a better idea to spin the wheel and raid the person at the top to switch up raids. Coin Master will designate a new raider when you have completed your raid. Check out our constantly updated Coin Master free spins and coins links guide if you’re out of spins.

Considering that nothing is changed, this is a considerably better choice than fiddling with the settings on your app. 

Our testing yielded identical targets on both Windows and mobile platforms, suggesting that game data, including raid information, is probably stored on the game’s servers.

How to assess the value of your raid target

It’s useless to know how to switch raid targets if you don’t know what makes a target good or terrible! The Coin Master Bet function can be used to gauge a raid’s quality. After a raid target has been allocated to you, utilize the Bet option to raise your possible winnings. Continue betting until the multiplier of x10 is reached. You should refresh your cache and look for a new target if the bet stops at the x3 multiplier.

Depending on how many stars you have, a 10x wager will yield a substantial reward. You can get up to 100 million coins in a single raid if you have an x10 multiplier.

This concludes our guide on changing the raid in Coin Master. During the early to mid-game, when every raid matters, this strategy is especially helpful. Changing raid targets doesn’t really matter as you reach higher stages because, at that point in the game, 80 million coins don’t really signify anything.

In Coin Master, how can I change my raid target?

In Coin Master, you can change your raid target by deleting the game’s cache from your phone’s settings.

Is it possible for me to select my raid target in Coin Master?

Although they will typically select a raid target for you, if they have recently attacked your town, you can select a raid target in Coin Master. Selecting a raid target requires clicking the Revenge button located at the top of the display.

Does Coin Master allow me to automatically change my raid target?

No, Coin Master does not allow you to automatically modify your raid target. As of right now, you have to go into your phone’s settings and erase the game’s cache in order to switch targets.

In Coin Master, is it possible to raid the same player more than once?

In Coin Master, it is possible to raid the same player more than once.

In Coin Master, what happens if I am unable to find a raid target?

If you are unable to locate a raid target in Coin Master, it’s possible that you are experiencing internet connection issues.

In Coin Mater, can I change my raid target in mid-raid?

In Coin Master, it’s not possible to change your raid target mid-raid. You will need to wait for the ongoing raid to finish before you can select a new target.

How Can Raids Be Protected?

Currently, there are no in-game mechanisms to shield yourself from raids in Coin Master. Players who wish to avoid raids must remove their Facebook account from the game, although this action may impact other features.

In raids, how do you earn coins?

There are two primary methods by which you can raid another player’s village, and raids are an excellent way to advance in the game by earning more and more cash. The bet feature is one of these, and the pet foxy is the other.

It’s common for players to win two to three times, or even more, coins and spins through the raid feature in Coin Master. Additionally, the number of coins won is often multiplied by several times. Players raiding can view how many times their winning amount will be multiplied before placing their bet in the game.

When it comes to leading raids in Coin Master, Foxy can be incredibly valuable. This pet becomes available for use in the fourth village. Foxy provides an extra shovel, enabling you to dig up chests and earn significantly more coins in the game.

Coin master big raids

As mentioned earlier, raids are an excellent method to increase your coin stash and acquire more free spins in Coin Master. This raises the important question: How can you determine if a raid is substantial enough?

The easiest method to gauge if a raid will be significant is by monitoring the “BET X1” button. Continuously check this button until it displays “BET 10 X”. However, if it stops at “BET 3X”, it’s advisable to verify if there’s a game update available.

Depending on the number of stars you have, there’s a good chance you might win between 90 and 120 million coins when you get a BET 10 X. You will probably earn more coins if you have more stars. Thus, betting is a fantastic method for gamers to amass a substantial amount of coins.

Final takeaway

Coin Master is a really captivating game that may easily become addictive once you start playing it. Leaving in the middle is difficult. This game has a lot of levels or villages, and the difficulty gets harder as you go up the levels. Nevertheless, there are numerous strategies for defeating your rival when you play the game sensibly.

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