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How to Log Out from Coin Master?

This guide will show you how to log out of Coin Master in case you’ve logged into the incorrect account and need to switch. When using someone else’s device or managing several accounts, it’s crucial to know how to log out of Coin Master as it’s linked to your Facebook page. You can easily switch between accounts on the same device if you have this information.

Your Coin Master account is connected to your Facebook page. Simply log out of the current Facebook account and log in with the desired one to switch between accounts seamlessly.

Ways to log out from Coin Master

To sign out of Coin Master, you’ll need to disconnect the game from your Facebook account. This won’t affect your progress, as it’s saved on Facebook. Here’s how:

Begin by launching the Facebook app on your device and navigating to the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section. Locate the ‘Apps and Websites’ option, then find Coin Master in the list. Click on it, and choose ‘Remove’. That’s it! You’ve now logged out of Coin Master.

Why Do I Need to Log Out of Coin Master?

Logging out of your Coin Master account is beneficial for switching accounts or taking a break. By logging out through Facebook, you safeguard your villages, coins, and overall progress. It’s important to note that logging out through Facebook safeguards your villages, coins, and hard-earned progress. When you’re ready to resume playing, simply reconnect Coin Master to your Facebook account to jump back where you left off.

If users log out through Facebook, is their game progress data deleted from Coin Master?

When users log out through Facebook, their game progress data is not deleted from Coin Master. Instead, it remains safely stored on their Facebook account. This ensures that even after logging out, they can still access their villages, coins, and progress by reconnecting Coin Master to their Facebook account.

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