Best GamesMonopoly Go Free Dice Links Today (June 2024)

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links Today (June 2024)

The well-known board game Monopoly has been reinvented for the popular game Monopoly Go. The free-to-play Android and iOS app combines mini-games and online multiplayer with classic aspects of the nearly century-old game, such as property collection, house construction, and passing go.

Dice Rolls are essential in-game money that you’ll need in order to advance in Monopoly Go. A Dice Roll must be used each time you wish to move around the virtual board of the game. You’ll need to, among other things, play more of the game, participate in events, and take advantage of daily login incentives if you want additional dice.

To obtain more dice, you can also use actual money, but if you’d prefer not to, you can use Monopoly Go Dice Links. Every day, the app’s official Instagram account and occasionally Facebook provide links that can be clicked to completely claim Dice Rolls for free!

Working and new Monopoly Go Dice Links

  1. 25 free dice rolls (NEW)

Ways to redeem Monopoly Go Dice Links

  • Visit the Monopoly Go app or website where you received the Dice Links.
  • Sign in to your account or make a new one if needed.
  • Navigate to the section for redeeming or entering codes.
  • Enter the Dice Links code exactly as it appears, ensuring there are no spaces or errors.
  • Follow any additional prompts or instructions provided to complete the redemption process.
  • Once successfully redeemed, you may receive in-game rewards, currency, or other benefits associated with the code.

There you have it: if the link works, the game will display a pop-up that informs you of the number of free dice rolls you have earned. But remember that before you can use your free dice, you must get to level 15 and activate the albums function. 

How do I get extra Monopoly Go dice?

There are additional ways to obtain free rolls in addition to dice links. As you level up, finish boards, and advance through daily events in the game, you can earn additional dice just by playing. Watch out for Partner Events in Monopoly Go as well, as those offer a tonne of dice rolls. Additional dice can be obtained by finishing sticker albums and the free spin that follows the completion of a property tile color set.

Through the app’s daily login bonus, which can be collected every eight hours, Monopoly Go also gives players free dice. Additionally, you can gain additional dice rolls every day by fulfilling Quick Win’s objectives and linking your Monopoly Go profile to your phone’s contact list or Facebook account. 

Why do my Monopoly Go dice link not work

Before they are included in our guide, we check that all of the links for the Monopoly Go dice are operational. Additionally, you might have already redeemed the free dice. This award has already been claimed, according to the notification that should show up if this is the case. 

Try redeeming the links using a new browser, even if your current one has worked in the past if you’re having trouble with them not loading the Monopoly Go app and instead taking you to the website for your platform.

We also have Honkai Star Rail codes, and Genshin Impact codes to keep you occupied if you just can’t get enough of the freebies.

Where can I get new safe Monopoly Go dice links?

The most secure way to gain access to fresh Monopoly Go dice links is to bookmark this guide. Many scammers circulate links on the internet that may lead to dangerous content. When viewing new connections, make sure you rely on reliable sources, such as this advice, to stay safe. Use caution to reduce any risks that can arise from clicking on fraudulent links.

You might also complete albums without clicking on links to add additional free Monopoly Go dice rolls. You will receive sticker packs as you go through the game and complete tasks, activities, or competitions. Completing a sticker pack set entitles you to prizes like cash and additional dice rolls. For each buddy you introduce to play Monopoly Go, you will receive an additional 30 dice rolls. As your net worth rises, you will also receive hundreds of free dice rolls.

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