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Project Slayers Codes for June 2024

Project Slayers codes provide you access to exclusive in-game items, which are provided by the game’s developer. New codes are usually added for every milestone that is reached, so be sure to bookmark this page to get the most recent goodies.

Searching for the newest Project Slayers codes to get resets and bonus spins? Fighting games inspired by the anime Demon Slayer are undoubtedly a major hit genre on Roblox right now. It seems like there are a tonne of them, and they are all very well-liked, much like Project Slayers!

Codes for free spins and resets can be the secret to success when trying to gain the upper hand against the opponent in any Roblox anime combat game. So, for your convenience, continue reading to get a list of all the active codes that you may use to redeem in Project Slayers, along with instructions on how to do so and a list of expired codes.

New and working Project Slayers Codes

  • Open Roblox
  • Launch Project Slayers
  • Open the menu
  • Hit the book icon
  • Enter your code in the box
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebies

Expired codes

  • NewYear2024Spins
  • NewYear2024Breathing
  • NewYear2024Race
  • obishowcase
  • stone_breathing_spins
  • stone_breathing_race_reset
  • stone_breathing_breathing_reset
  • ThanksFor400MVisits
  • ThanksFor650KVotes
  • Update309ArtSpins –
  • Update309RaceReset
  • Update309BreathingReset
  • 3AsTeRRaceReset
  • H@pPy3AsTeR
  • ThanksFor200MilVisitsBreathingReset
  • Roblox@ItAgain
  • ProjectShutdown
  • ProjectShutdownRace
  • Roblox@ItAgainRaceReset
  • Roblox@ItAgainBreathingReset
  • New500kLikesCode!
  • New500kLikesCode!
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRaceReset!
  • ProjectShutdownBreathing
  • ThanksFor500kVotes
  • Miniupdate1.5
  • SorryForIssuesToday
  • SorryForDataIssues
  • Update1.5Spins
  • Update1.5BreathReset
  • Update1.5RaceReset
  • NewAntiExploit
  • Upd295MiniCode
  • !ThanksFor250MVisits
  • !500kLikeCode!
  • ThanksFor350MVisits
  • ThanksFor350MVisits2
  • ThanksForLikes600K
  • ThanksForLikes600K2
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBack
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBackBreathReset
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBackRaceReset
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRaceReset!
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRace
  • HappyNewYears!
  • 2023BreathingReset
  • HappyUpdateYears!
  • MerryChristmas2022
  • MerryChristmas2022RaceReset
  • MerryChristmas2022BreathingReset
  • Upd@ate1B1gCodE
  • IncreasedDropsBreathReset
  • IncreasedDropRaceReset
  • 400Klikes
  • 400Klikesracreset
  • 400Klikesbreathingreset
  • Miniupdate3
  • MiniUpdate3racereset
  • Miniupdate3breathingreset
  • 350Kupvotes!
  • 350Kupvotes!Breathing
  • lastcode?lol
  • anotherdayanothershutdown
  • 300klikes!
  • shutdownnumb2
  • shutdown!
  • miniupdate
  • miniupdatedaily
  • soryagainguys:V
  • 200K+upvotestysm
  • sorryforanothershutdown
  • 100K+likesiglol
  • werebackup
  • Gettingthere!
  • Sorryforshutdowns!

How can I redeem Project Slayers codes?

To utilize Project Slayers codes, adhere to these instructions:

  • Access Roblox.
  • Initiate Project Slayers.
  • Navigate to the menu.
  • Select the book icon.
  • Input your code into the designated box.
  • Click on “redeem.”
  • Enjoy your complimentary items.

How may I get more Project Slayers codes?

To ensure that you can easily redeem your Project Slayers codes and receive your rewards, we try our best to find all of the working codes. Please bookmark this page (CTRL+D) and check it from time to time. You can follow the official social media accounts of the developer to learn about more opportunities to receive freebies:

Why aren’t These Codes Working?

Typos are frequent in Project Slayers since their codes are frequently complex. For this reason, in order to avoid errors when attempting to obtain your freebies, we advise copying the code you wish to redeem from our list and pasting it into the game. 

 Furthermore, even if a code is on our working list, you can come across an expired one. That occurs as a result of developers writing their codes without end dates. Tell us in the comments section if you come across a code that is no longer functional, and we will look into it.

Ways to obtain additional free rewards in Project Slayers?

If you’ve used up all of the Project Slayers codes, don’t worry—there are more methods to get freebies, like Clan Spins, Demon Art Spins, Wen, and Experience. If you want to get Daily Spins, check the Calendar icon in the main menu. In addition, there is an AFK Chamber where you can get several kinds of Spins, as well as Hourly Playtime Rewards (search for them in the main menu).

What is Project Slayers?

Roblox’s role-playing game, Project Slayers, is based on the well-known anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Choose between Demons and Demon Slayers, then take pleasure in exploring the breathtakingly expansive map. Gather Swords and Demon Weapons as you fight different bosses and NPCs to enhance your hero and learn every ability they have.

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