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Type Soul Codes for June 2024

Type Soul is great if, like me, you like action-packed PVP ARPGS on Roblox and the legendary anime series Bleach! In Type Soul, you can roleplay, engage in fierce combat, earn experience points, and join The Quincy, the Soul Society, or even the Hollows. And what better way to get the upper hand than with a couple of Type soul codes? 

Blue Pills and Soul Tickets are the rewards that can be obtained by using Type Soul codes. You can restart your build and reset your stats by using a blue pill. You should exercise caution if you utilize the codes for either prize because a Soul ticket will erase all of your previous gaming progress! Check out Blox Fruits Codes as well if you enjoy Roblox ARPGs. 

All latest and working Type Soul Codes

  • 7staredwardnewgate – free rerolls (new!)
  • allaccordingtocake – free rerolls (new!)
  • codethatsenkumadecuzhesmakingsomethingtakethisgiftbecauseitsjustasimpleupdate – free rerolls (new!)
  • petgod101 – free rerolls (new!)
  • skibidisigmastofighttheohiorizzler – free rerolls (new!)
  • code1 – free rerolls (new!)
  • setrohadtoguesswhatthiscodewasnamed – free rerolls (new!)
  • tamaverified – free rerolls (new!)
  • setroboominda – free rerolls
  • senkuwascloudkageinjoedame – free rerolls
  • hakudanerfafter1000years – free rerolls
  • theresahiddennpcsomewhere – free rerolls
  • cursedgearruinsfriendships – free rerolls
  • cyberpoint – free rerolls
  • brovisitedhisfriends – free rerolls
  • davehashit10kwow – free rerolls
  • Benihimebuff – free rewards
  • nosreppbestaustraliandeveloperinthewholeworld – free rewards
  • almightyeye – free rewards
  • breathlesspumpkle – free rewards
  • tsugokusenku – free rewards
  • thekiraeventparttwo – free rewards
  • thekiraevent – free rewards
  • 5minutesoffame – free rewards
  • nothinghappened – free rewards
  • newfaceswow – free rewards
  • 400kdiscmembers – free rewards
  • 160mvisits – free rewards
  • somethingrandom – free rewards
  • canyouwrap – free rewards
  • mobileflashpd – free rewards
  • johnboomingg – free rewards
  • icanimaginesomeonesayingimnexttoatree – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • phase1 – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • canyourecmeintodemonhunter – 100 rerolls
  • myhopewillneverdie – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • johnbooming – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • gulliblelol – 100 rerolls
  • robloxban – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • lightsegunda – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • 100mlikes – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • afkworld – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • robotcowoe – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll
  • soulianstreak – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll

Expired Type Soul Codes

  • spiritgun – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll (new!)
  • happyeaster – locked shikai/res/volt rerolls and a locked clan reroll (new!)
  • tamaiscool – five locked element rerolls, five locked clan rerolls, and five locked weapon rerolls (new!)
  • doomatearoom – five locked element rerolls, five locked clan rerolls, and five locked weapon rerolls (new!)
  • newcodeoldbugged – free rewards
  • mainmenufixes – free rewards
  • tradehub – free rewards
  • soonupdates – free rewards
  • championship – free rewards
  • happyhalloween – free rewards
  • newclanwargame – free rewards
  • championshipandmasteryboxes – free rewards
  • newclangamesoon – free rewards
  • watermelon – free rerolls
  • sorryforthat – free rerolls
  • midtermsover – free rerolls
  • contentcoming – free rerolls
  • haveagoodday – free rerolls
  • slowpace  – free rerolls
  • thehonoredone  – free rerolls
  • triplethreat  – free rerolls
  • apologyforlate – free rerolls
  • middayfixes – free rerolls
  • 100kfavourites – free rerolls
  • segundanextupdate – free rerolls
  • fixedoldcode – free rerolls
  • latenightupdate – free rerolls
  • eumorningupdate – free rerolls
  • updatecomingsoon – two weapon rerolls
  • 3shikaireroll – free rewards
  • shikaireroll – free rewards
  • 80Klikes – blue pill and rerolls
  • newgame – soul ticket
  • shutdownsrry – element reroll
  • tyforfollows – reroll
  • 55klikes – weapon reroll
  • 35klikes – weapon reroll
  • clanwarupdate – Redeem code for free rewards
  • updatecomingsoon – Redeem code for 2 Weapon Rerolls
  • 3shikaireroll – Redeem code for free rewards
  • shikaireroll – Redeem code for free rewards
  • 80klikes – Redeem code for free rewards
  • newgame – Redeem code for free rewards
  • shutdownsrry – Redeem code for 1x element reroll (Does not reroll shikai weapon)
  • 55klikes – Redeem code for Blue Pill
  • tyforfollows – Redeem code for a Shikai/Res/Volt Reroll
  • 35klikes – Redeem code for Blue Pill
  • 20klikes – Redeem code for LOCKED WEAPON REROLL
  • 10klikes – Redeem code for a Blue Pill
  • sorryforshutdown – Redeem code for a Soul Ticket

How can you redeem codes in Type Soul?

Follow these instructions to redeem codes in Type Soul.

  1. Open the Open Type Soul game on your device.
  2. Locate and click on the Gift Icon situated on the top left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter the code provided from our list into the designated field.
  4. Press the enter key or the return key to finalize and redeem your reward.

How may I get extra codes?

For a convenient collection of all Type Soul codes, simply bookmark our article and periodically check for newly added codes. Alternatively, if you prefer conducting your own research and have some time to spare, consider joining the game’s official Discord server. Codes are often announced by the game developer in the update-log channel, making it a reliable source for the latest codes.

What is Type Soul?

Type Soul is an ARPG Roblox adventure, drawing inspiration from the renowned manga and anime series Bleach. Your initial objective in this immersive action-adventure is straightforward—you must meet your demise. Upon meeting this fate, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to select your race from options including Hollow, Quincy, and Soul Reaper. Regardless of your chosen race, the game’s objective remains consistent—engage in both PvE and PvP battles to enhance your character’s attributes and emerge victorious against all adversaries!

Why do My Soul Type Codes not Function?

Verify your spelling if you see an incorrect Type Soul code. If you are manually entering the codes, typos can occur somewhat frequently. Use our list of codes to copy and paste them straight into the game to prevent this. 

 Some codes have expired, which is another reason why you can’t use them. It is impossible to predict how long you will be able to redeem tickets if the developer has not disclosed the expiration date of each one, so move swiftly to take advantage of your freebies before the codes go out. We will update our listings if you notify us via a comment if you find an inactive code in this article.

What are the other ways to get free rewards in Type Soul?

The only surefire way to receive free goodies is by redeeming Type Soul codes. Your only other option is to sign up for the official Discord server and keep an eye out for any upcoming giveaways or special events where you can win some awesome rewards.

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