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What is Team Chest in Coin Master? How to get Team Chest?

Becoming part of a Team is among the top methods for swiftly advancing in Coin Master. By joining forces with other Coin Master fans, you not only exchange valuable tips and tricks but also gain access to exclusive events featuring special prizes and bonuses. Now, let’s delve into what the Team Chest in Coin Master.

Team Chest represents one of these events. In Team Chest, collaboration is key as you and your team strive to accumulate points and secure a fantastic chest filled with a variety of incredible rewards. Within this guide, we will detail how this event operates and outline the types of prizes you can anticipate. And don’t forget to enhance your village’s advancement with these Coin Master free spins.

How does the Chest Team operate?

Participating in Team Chest is a recurring event in Coin Master where teams collaborate on special missions to reap rewards. We will describe the operation of this event and the types of prizes available in this guide. 

If you haven’t already, consider joining a team now to partake in this exciting event. Remember, you won’t be able to claim a Team Chest if you:

  • Leave a team during the event.
  • Have already claimed a Team Chest, even if you’ve joined a new team.
  • Join a team that has already opened its Team Chest.
  • Your team hasn’t collected enough stars to open the Team Chest.
  • You are removed from the team.

The Team Chest page displays a meter indicating your team’s progress. This meter fills up as your team completes missions. When the bar reaches its maximum capacity, every participating member can claim the reward for their contribution to completing the event.

Team tasks come in a variety of forms and are all really easy. They typically entail gathering a huge quantity of a particular item. Depending on which Team Chest League your team is currently in (more on Leagues down below), these tasks vary in difficulty. In general, the missions get harder and the rewards get more the higher your league.

Keep in mind: the Team Chest event relies on teamwork. It’s not something you can accomplish alone. If your Team Chest progress seems sluggish, encourage your teammates to step up their game and play more actively!

How do Team Chest Leagues work?

Completing Team Chests can be immensely enjoyable, particularly within a supportive team environment. If your team is eager to elevate their game, they can aim to achieve high rankings in the Team Chest Leagues.

Team Chest Leagues comprise tiers on the leaderboard that categorize teams based on the quantity of Team Chests they successfully complete. The more Team Chests your team accomplishes, the higher it climbs in the ranks.

At the conclusion of each season, the top three teams within a league tier will progress to the next higher tier. Conversely, the bottom three teams will be relegated to the next lower league tier.

One of the best ways to significantly accelerate your team’s members’ advancement is to concentrate on Team Chest Leagues. Encourage all members to focus as much as they can on Team Chest objectives because they will all gain from having a high rank in the Leagues!

That concludes our discussion of all the pertinent details regarding the Team Chest event in Coin Master. Team Chests, as you now know, are an enjoyable approach to encourage teammates to collaborate towards a common objective. While individual efforts are valued, a Team Chest’s valuable reward can only be unlocked when every member of the team is doing their share. And those rewards are definitely worth the work, particularly when you advance to higher League ranks and the gifts become significantly more valuable.

In Coin Master, what is a Team Chest?

Coin Master has a feature called the Team Chest that lets players collaborate with other team members to win rewards. 

In Coin Master, How to Attack Your Friends?

To initiate an attack on a friend in Coin Master, players must spin the clay hammer and navigate to the FRIENDS section. From there, they can choose a friend from their list. Simply press the red Attack button located on the right side of the list and the attack will be directed towards that friend’s village.

If players wish to avoid attacking a particular friend or have already targeted that friend’s village, they can click on Friends again to select another friend to attack.

For those who are new to Coin Master and might not have many friends yet, attacking the AI (bot) in the game is always an option, without any concerns about retaliation or revenge.

How do I Pick Which Other Coin Master Players To Attack?

If a player seeks revenge after their village has been attacked by a friend, they can follow these steps. Firstly, they need to play Coin Master and secure an attack chance. Then, they can tap the FRIENDS button from the top bar and select a friend to retaliate against.

Alternatively, they can tap the REVENGE button and choose a friend who previously attacked their village, initiating revenge. Or, as a last option, they can select the RANDOM button provided to target the first player on the list.

Attacking friends in Coin Master can indeed offer a thrilling experience. However, players should exercise caution to avoid impeding their friends’ progress in the game.

How may Play Coin Master without Attacking Your Friends?

If you prefer not to attack your friend’s village, you have the option to abstain. Given that you have control over whom to attack in your friends list, you can simply refrain from selecting certain friends you don’t wish to attack.

What rewards may I get from a Team Chest in Coin Master?

Coins, spins, and cards are among the possible rewards from a Team Chest in Coin Master. 

In Coin Master, how can I unlock a Team Chest?

In Coin Master, you and your teammates must finish sets of cards in order to uncover a Team Chest. The team chest can be unlocked once the necessary amount of sets has been achieved.

In Coin Master, how many cards do I need to finish a set to get a Team Chest?

Depending on the particular set, different amounts of cards may be needed to finish a set for a Team Chest in Coin Master. You can check the required number of cards by tapping on the team chest icon within the game.

How much time does it take to finish a set in Coin Master for a Team Chest?

The duration needed to complete a set for a Team Chest in Coin Master can vary based on the specific set and the size of your team. Certain sets may be completed within a few days, while others might require several weeks of effort.

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